The ETE Eye


Welcome to the first blog, and to all those who read this I’m thankful. My name is Ethan Tyler East, and if you are into fashion, art, sneakers, and basketball shoe reviews you have made it to the right place. I will get to fashion in a later blog, but today’s blog will be about the eye that you see above, This will be my brand. Before I get to the meaning, I will tell you of the inspiration. The Eye of Horus was a symbol of protection and good health. For those who don’t know what the Eye of Horus is, the picture is below.It originated in ancient Egypt, a place I’ve been into since I was a little boy. I wanted to pay tribute to the ancient civilization, but to do that I needed to use a symbol that had a great meaning.


Of course when you see them, they look nothing alike. I just thought it was one of the better symbols to use, and if it inspires you, that’s the best part. For my logo I defiantly thought hard before just making it. If this is going to be a logo you can’t just make something, you need inspiration. The eye means a lot. For one, your eye allows you to see the beauty of the world. You might also see that the pupil doesn’t stay within the eye. The reason of that is because a lot of people only see whats in front of them and not the big picture. Since its out of the eye you can see a larger picture. With a bigger picture you get to enjoy arts, fashion, and any creation. I hope to keep you entertained, and once again, thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day.

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