How collabs should be.



This is a rough draft of a collab that I would love to see. Collabs or nice, but when its just another colorway it seems like a waist of time. I do understand that each color represents something, and they add a little detail but that’s not enough. To me letting someone take control and change a shoe completely or make a brand new model is what I want to see in a collab. The Virgil Off-White collab is one of the best because he took something that they had, and added a completely different element. You know each shoe but you would have never imaged them that way. That’s how collabs should be. Adidas and Kanye make collabs all the time but it’s not just different colors they let him design a new line of shoes. Yes even when he was with Nike they let him do that as well. This is how all collabs should be not just pushing out colorways left and right, and call them collabs.

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